Yesterday- A New Chapter

By Shivana Maharaj
August 5, 2014

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Fish Creek Park in South West Calgary

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A lush Fall landscape in south Calgary. /K&S Media.

City Style and Living (CSL) the award winning luxury lifestyle magazine debuts a new chapter, a stylish travelogue (travel and style blog): The Editors Notebook.

From the editors of the award winning luxury lifestyle magazine, City Style and Living (CSL), comes a travel and style blog.  Follow the editors through their stylish travelogue throughout the world.  We hope that through the visual journey of The Editors Notebook, we can truly inspire, captivate, and transport you.
With this new chapter of City Style and Living Magazine, ‘The Editors Notebook’, we hope to continue the tradition of CSL.

“Only a few years ago, [it] seemed like a faraway dream, a discussion and nothing more. Now all the elements have come together. Sometimes, we have learned, you have to wait for the right time, you have to be bold…

Yet, it seems we’ve been writing City Style and Living magazine our entire lives. Whether in words, or pictures or video, or audio, it did not matter, the story was always paramount. In ECS, we remember getting into trouble for writing stories rather than playing with toys. It was a trend that would continue through high school and University – writing notes to the teacher on a final test in High school Math, explaining the reasoning behind the faulted calculations, or writing an Economics term paper on the creative pressure that Haute Couture designers face to become a profitable business entity (anyone?).

It is strange too, to be launching a magazine when every day, new media are being created. It begs the question, what is a magazine? Does it really matter? Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple read about how to make a computer in a magazine. Benjamin Franklin and most of the great novelists such as Charles Dickens had their works first published in magazines. We want this magazine to be about beauty, truth and inspiration, yet we want to translate those lofty ideals into practical reality.

We can call it the brink, the cliff, the edge, Winter. Ultimately, we have learned, it is a threshold – a portal into another realm, another phase that all of us encounter. Like the captivating closet from the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe this leap takes you somewhere else.

We hope that the excitement that we, together with all of our contributors, feel in preparing the photos, finessing the layout, and writing the stories is palpable in these pages. We want to share ideas and knowledge with our readers on the topics of Food, Fashion and Travel in Calgary and around the world. Our goal is simple. We hope that inside the pages of City Style and Living: can truly inspire, captivate, and transport you.”

With this new chapter of City Style and Living Magazine, ‘The Editors Notebook‘, we hope to continue the tradition of CSL.

This is an excerpt from the first editors letter from City Style and Living Magazine editors (circa 2007).

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Dress: White by Vera Wang available at Davids Bridal
Earrings: Alexis Bittar angled drop earrings
Shoes: Aldo Cher booties